Sunday, October 16, 2016

Why do people talk about the weather

Do you remember this story about cats and their nine lives? Now imagine you also have approximately such amount of lives. And a murder has just taken your first one. But, of course, you are alive again and you must continue with the other eight chances. But you have one more thing to imagine – you talk to your murderer. And the subject is nothing else, but the weather.  You are talking as if nothing happened. As if he hasn’t taken one of your lives. Well, you have eight other lives.
Actually, you possess only one life. And the emotional murder is a murder as well. It is the most cruel because kills your heart, but your body is still being. The body without a heart is sure to get sick. And you become a sick body. And while you think you are still alive you go on your interactions with the persons have murdered you. Sometimes the only thing you can talk about is the weather. All other themes remind the murder, but nobody wants to remember it.
The next time some of your relatives or friends call and ask you what the weather is, you also have a question you must ask yourself. Is the weather important and what is really important for you? Why, on earth, the people use the weather as a sin offering?

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fake flats, real dreams

Once upon a time there was a man. He was not bad, not greedy, he just had nine millions dollars. That fact made him feel he was desperately poor. He could hardly eat, having only bread and 
cheap cheese. His children went barefoot to school and without breakfast. He forced them to eat more at home so that not to get hungry all the day. His money waited for him in the bank but he didn’t waited for the happiness with so little money. Because of that he felt if he earned one more million dollars, he would eat normally and his children wouldn’t be miserable outsiders. 

As he was a building investor but didn’t have money, he thought he could get his so necessary one more million if built one more block of flats. Thus he took newspapers and started building of a block with paper walls. He also used empty match-boxes, cigarettes ends and parties of cardboard boxes and one day the new flats were finished. There were many people wanting to buy them. They were cheap and nice and near to a church whose bell rang hourly. That way the people would know what the time was. Or just they would be prevent from sleeping. As if  when the soul is deep asleep no matter what happens to the body.
The new owners started furnishing the flats. They collected garbage and used it as cookers, refrigerators, air-conditioners and boilers. Nothing was what it seemed to be. Including the life of each of them. 
The furnishing and the repairs never ended, nor the making babies, money, scandals, and dead dreams. In any case nobody could sleep because of the bell, repairs and street lamps which turned their nights into days. And their days into nights, too.
And all of us who think we don’t live in paper flats are angry at the society. But probably the person who irregularly leaves us behind on the road lives in the block of newspapers? That dentist who pulls our teeth only to take our money is his neighbor? And the pedophile who is attracted by children also live there, because he sees their naked bodies through the transparent walls? And that one who screams on the street isn’t an insane man, he is just a person without a private space. Who are you if your values are made of newspapers and pickings?

Text: Vessiana
Photos and design: Miroslav Hristov

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016

The consequences of your loneliness

Dancing bears park – somewhere in Rila Mountain, Bulgaria, East Europe, 2016. 26 bears live in this sanctuary. Stolen from their mothers as cubs, they have been taught to dance. For that purpose they were put to indescribable torments - piercing rings through noses, pulling out their teeth, denailing. 

Now the bears have special destiny not because they have been saved by The Four paws Foundation and Brigitte Bardo Foundation which fund this park. Their special destiny means if the people set them free, they will not be capable to take care of themselves, neither to find food. These bears have lost their natural instincts for survival.

Hurried people park – somewhere in East Europe, West Europe, USA and other places, 2016. A lot of individuals live here. When they were children their parents said them (mainly using words containing violence) they must not be what they were. The reason is because they could seem to be different and respectively rejected by the others. As a result, they do what they don’t want to do and they are in a hurry as if they want to reach a special place.
But they are in a hurry to get to work which they hate, they hurry home to meet their spouses who hate, they are in a hurry to see friends who make them bored, they are in a hurry to get the restaurant where to eat bad food, etc. They are lonely and prefer doing anything rather than doing nothing.
Actually, the bears don’t dance. They do just jumps and we accept them as a dance. It is easier for us. The bears do that because of fear and pain. Actually, the people are not in a hurry as well. They do all those things of fear. The fear of penalty turns one of the strongest animals into an obedient clown. The fear of penalty turns the most clever beings on the earth into a creatures dedicated to their lower instincts who don’t use their strongest characteristic – the mind.

One of the bears in the park is blind because they made it drink a lot of alcohol. Some of the people consume alcohol and other things to make themselves blind.
The bear which dances most often is the blind one. Nobody makes it dance, but it doesn’t stop the jumps. Because the bear can’t forget. The most cowardly individuals are those ones who run away from themselves most often. Because they can’t forget. That they are alone.

We turn those animals which have to live by themselves into social beings. And turn ourselves into lonely persons, although we can’t live by ourselves. Accordingly, we become so destructive that destroy our lives and the lives of the others.

Text: Vessiana
Photos: Miroslav Hristov

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What you don't want to know about violence

Imagine a little boy beaten by his father. Now he is a mature man who every day walks on the street and feels that he hates everyone. He wants to hit the woman who walks past him, to push the baby in a pram, to tear the shirt of the teen goes before him. He is possessed by the idea of showing his hatred for the world.

A world which was absent when he cried in bed all alone after the one of many times he was guilty because his father had not healed his mental disorder and attacked his son who was too young and weak to protect himself. Now the grown-up son carries a gun or a knife in his pocket. And one day it could happen to you to meet him. The grown-up son. Or his knife.


And now imagine a little girl. Her mother didn’t want to give birth to her because she must changed pampers instead of changing one man into another. When the baby girl cried, the mother cried, too. She cried because the baby will be more beautiful and hot woman than her. Therefore, she started ignoring and humiliating the girl and convinced her she was ugly and stupid. Thus, the grown-up daughter meets and links her life with the grown-up son, because she got used to the violence and the hate and doesn’t know other things, nor realizes she has a choice. She carries readiness to be tormented in her pocket.

One day they are going to have a baby. It will be a combination of its parents behavior – a masochist and a sadist at the same time. You take your child to the kindergarten. But their child is there as well. They visit the kindergarten. Actually, maybe you are that mother who has a husband with a knife in his pocket? Or you are the beaten kid? Surviving heroes of a war walk on the street. Surviving ones of the war in the families. A war for power, attention and possession.

And the many streets make a city. The World consists of many cities. The World is not a safe place because the family is not a safe place. If the family is a cozy place, the world would be, too. But the most families consist of individuals who don’t feel emotional intimacy and respect for each other. The World is also composed of individuals who threaten each other by weapons or at least they neglect each other in such a way that the personalities vanish as white sugar crystals into a steaming cup of hot black coffee. So that if you want to be happy, be happy with your beloved ones. And if you are unable to be, stop call them like that and find other close souls.

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The new information

The amount of information for each aspect of our lives makes us feel as if we have less and less time. We want to know what happens in the world; what is the newest brand car or smartphone; the last fashionable trends; the best food for us; how to be happily married; how to raise the children… the list is endless. The more we read the more we find out it is too hard to manage with the jungle of information and countless hyperlinks. So it is necessary a new approach to the way the information is presented to people.
Besides, a main part of the articles are rewritten from other articles, full with redundant words and published only to get more subscribers and followers. The authors of those articles don’t aim giving quality information and in that sense the virtual world resembles an infinite casting for individuals who are good at singing, dancing, cooking, writing, etc., but the real talents are few. Ridiculous candidates are many more than the gifted ones, but there is nobody to stop them and to say they are not fit. The bad news is they use unfair means to show they are good at something although they have no idea of it.
That is why the short articles are preferable, they save time, but also give enough information. As well they provoke developing your own thinking and the desire to research the things. The long articles which convey next to nothing lead to boredom, but it is actually the reason most of us to browse. The new way of giving and taking information is a result of the change of the linear perception of texts with a presentation of brief impulses of ideas, notions and emotions which we can take up easier. That calls for short articles combined with images and video.
The site follows that trend. The project ‘Gourmet words’ is an innovation and aims to inspire and give food for thought. These reviews differ from other pictures with words, because they are based on personal experience. They consist of two or three sentences but each word is a door to a different world. A world which can change lives, because we are what we think.

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