Feb 11, 2017

Top 10 best movies of the 21st century (2000-2015) about madness

The madness is a term which has a great variety of interpretations.We often take for mad those persons who scream on the streets, don’t take a shower for long time or don’t understand what we talk about. But there are a large amount of people among us who don’t have the desire or the opportunity to show consideration for the reality. They think themselves to be the only law and it’s difficult for them to experience whatever collaboration with others. Their madness usually is concealed and becomes distinguished when they have taken irretrievable steps. 
This list is selected from lots of movies we have seen and it researches the theme of the human madness and its impact on the society. We have looked for titles that really emphasize on the problems of the madness and their effects on everything else – the structure of the family, the society, the business, and the professional life.
At the very beginning we chose 50 movies, but now we have 10 because in our view they are the best ones about the madness of 21st century.

Each review of this list is made by us. We are the authors of the texts and the pictures. We always follow our principle - the meaning matters more than the effects.

10. The Beaver (2011)

9. Georgia O'Keeffe (2009)

8. Bronson (2008)

7. Nightcrawler (2014)

6. Romulus, my father (2007)

5. Lars and the real girl (2007)

4. We need to talk about Kevin (2011)

3. Black swan (2010)

2. The hour of the lynx (2013)

1. Adam's apples (2005)

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