The mindless decision of the Universe

Psychopaths have no conscience and empathy towards their victims who vary from their family members to complete strangers; they lie and manipulate over and over again – it is the average information about a parallel world of people who live around. But falling into this world can’t be described by the common words we use to express our horror to be among them. This is a zone populated by psychopathic beings, because they identify each other and create a specific collaboration which is not a relationship however. Since they are psychopaths, it seems strange but they show perverted loyalty to one another, and it doesn’t matter that the intrigues, offends and unfair play are part of their relations.
The mindless decision of the Universe to give such persons a chance of  gathering together because of the similar-attraction effect is what really brings chaos and evil. I would use only one definition of them – the opposite of life. So, let’s push the the door of the opposite of life wide open and see what’s going on there.